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Hatch is the coming together of two leading third sector organisations locally – Open Door Charity and Utopia Project. Building upon over 10 years shared experience, the ambition with Hatch is to rethink the process, shape and content of emotional wellbeing interventions in Wirral.

Making modern, creative and progressive therapeutic services available when they are needed, delivered in a way which young people can relate to and understand. Transforming the support process into a journey of optimism, learning and opportunity.

Modern support, in a modern world

for me

What can Hatch be for me?

Hatch is here to make sure that you have emotional wellbeing support available to you, on your terms, when you need it.

Everybody has ups and downs in life and goes through challenging times, it’s a natural part of life, and these things having an effect upon the way we feel is perfectly normal.

But much of the time we aren’t born with the innate ability to cope with these things on our own.

This is where we can help, we provide 1-1 sessions where you will develop a range of skills and well-known strategies that can have a positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing. Our volunteer mentors support you to complete a computerised therapeutic intervention whilst exploring which strategies work best for you personally.

If you feel that hatch would be beneficial for you then please contact us through our website and we will get back in touch for some ore details.

This is Hatch. Basic stuff, but unless you are told you will never know.

for my Child

What can Hatch be for my child?

hatch is a partnership between Open Door Charity and Utopia Project, two organisations at the forefront of innovative and progressive ways of working with children and young people in Merseyside over the past 10 years. Our fantastic relationships with local communities enable us to understand the most appropriate ways of supporting children and young people and the wider impact this support can have for families, friends and carers.

We provide mental health and wellbeing support in the form of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) & Mindfulness, completing a 1 hour session per week for either 6 or 8 weeks dependant on the programme. Sessions are carried out on a 1-1 basis with a volunteer mentor to ensure young people understand content and enhance the experience of the intervention.

We have a commitment to safeguard each young person who accesses our service and all volunteer mentors complete full training and enhanced DBS checks for suitability to work with children.

More details are sent in our welcome brochure but if you have any questions before this then please contact us.

Schools are under unprecedented strain and the emotional wellbeing of students is of paramount importance in any thriving school, college or any other educational institution. However this need is unfortunately rarely adequately met with options that are bespoke, driven by young people themselves and available at the point of contact.

Progressive, modern and innovative resources are rare, as is clear choice in avenues of support for young people themselves. Hatch is built on these foundations, beginning with our core offer of Electric Islands and Primal being available on site, within school, or at a site across the ODC Campus such as Bloom Building or Blossom Haus. All designed to engage the disengaged and reach those who would otherwise be reluctant, unwilling or unable to access support for issues across the emotional wellbeing spectrum – depression, anxiety, anger, positive relationships, challenging behaviour, panic attacks or self-harm.

It is perfectly complimentary to traditional statutory led offers and arrangements, working alongside to not only present choice to the individual, but also avoid waiting lists and ease pressures on stretched statutory services. We have ongoing working arrangements across the mental health spectrum such as with Health Services in Schools teams, CAMHS, Barnardo’s Young Carers and Action for Children although we are keen to stress that Hatch is completely independent in design, delivery and management.

For more information on how to arrange a Hatch presence within you school, college or other educational institution please get in touch

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